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Important Ruling made for Non National Migrant Workers

7 Feb

The High Court has overturned a recent decision granting Mr Muhammad Younis an award of close to €92,000 as a result of exploitation in the work place. Mr Younis came to Ireland in 2002 to work in a restaurant owned by Mr Amjad Heussein. He worked 11 hours a day, seven days a week for Continue Reading…

More transparency ruled for Citizenship Applications.

8 Jan

Mr Mallak, A Syrian National who had successfully applied for asylum in Ireland and had being declared a refugee was refused Irish Citizenship by the Minister for Justice. Mr Mallak brought an action to the High Court when the Minister failed to give any reasons as to his decision not to grant citizenship. Cooke J Continue Reading…

Immigration Registration fees Increase

8 Jan

The Irish government has been criticised after a 100% increase in fees for non-Europeans to stay in Ireland for more than 3 months was announced, with notice given of just 5 days. A new €300 fee has been put into effect which many believe goes against the governments own commitment to implement a more modern Continue Reading…

Zambrano Decision

24 Nov

The Zambrano decision was a very significant case in Immigration Law in Ireland. The Zambrano case found that a Non-European Union National parent of a EU citizen child has right not only to reside within the EU member state but also to be granted a Work Permit so as to ensure that the EU citizen Continue Reading…

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens

21 Oct

The Irish government has declared that Bulgarian and Romanian citizens will be free to work in Ireland immediately. This move comes seventeen months ahead of schedule as under the countries’ accession to the European Union 2007, it was considered that there would be a seven year transition