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Working in Ireland?

At Immigration Law Consultants we recognise the importance of having the ability to work. We assist our clients in successfully obtaining work permits, business permission and aid them with any queries they may have regarding the work place, their ability to work and to set up business in Ireland. Contact Us »

Family Immigration

At Immigration Law Consultants we recognise that family unity is of the upmost importance. We specialise in the reuniting of foreign family members of Irish Citizens, family members of EU and of Non-EEA nationals. We also assist with the Immigration status of Family members of Irish Born Children. Contact Us »

Irish Citizenship

Here at Immigration Law Consultants we are dedicated to helping our clients acquire citizenship and long term residency. We help them secure permission to remain in Ireland without any time constraints.. Contact Us »

Our Services

  • Immigration
  • Visa
  • Stamp
  • Citizenship
  • Family re-unification
  • Work Permit
  • Student status
  • Passport
  • Business Permission
  • Setting up a business in Ireland
  • Restaurant licence
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Divorces and separations
  • Court appearances
  • Translation services