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More transparency ruled for Citizenship Applications.

8 Jan

Mr Mallak, A Syrian National who had successfully applied for asylum in Ireland and had being declared a refugee was refused Irish Citizenship by the Minister for Justice.
Mr Mallak brought an action to the High Court when the Minister failed to give any reasons as to his decision not to grant citizenship. Cooke J held in this case that “the minister does not need to have or to give any reasons for refusing an application for a certificate” of naturalisation.

This ruling was then appealed to the Supreme Court where Mr Justice Fennelly overturned this ruling stating that “the Minister was under a duty to provide [Mr Mallak] with reasons for his decision to refuse his application for naturalisation” and that “his failure to do so deprived the [Mr Mallak] of any meaningful opportunity either to make a new application for naturalisation or to challenge the decision on substantive grounds”. Many organisations have welcomed the Supreme Court ruling as its sheds light on the need for a more modern, efficient and transparent Immigration service here in Ireland.
It ensures that those who apply for citizenship and are unsuccessful are given complete disclosure as to the reasons for failure and the ability to appeal this decision to an independent body.

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